Jobs available & Skateboard Camp

One of the many ways you can use your teaching talents is to run a summer camp.  Camps are rewarding both for the fun the kids have and the cash you can earn.  See below for jobs available. To run a camp you will need protective gear (they can bring their own helmets) and skateboards. Borrow some boards from your friends and/or purchase a few (and resell at the end of the week for a small profit). Certified Instructors (members) are provided with a complete package of how to run a camp, including safety issues, schedules, registration suggestions, pricing suggestions, games and a  list.   In Seattle Skateboard I.A. runs a half day camp for a private school. These photos came from the 2011 camp and you can see the hockey game on boards was a big hit. Get certified and get paid to skate.

Check regularly to see if there are more job postings. Networking is a key component of Skateboard Instructors Association.
New Job posting Summer 2018:  Skate IA is putting on a skateboard camp in Shoreline and I need up to three skateboard instructors. The dates are July 30/31 and August 1-3 (five straight days) from 8am to 12:30pm. Skate IA is willing to train, although you will need to take the online certification program. You will be given free coupons to take this course, but expect to put in time to complete this course so you can be insured. We do not teach you how to skate, but how to TEACH. Contact this website for details and to arrange a phone interview. You should be able to offer your own camps and classes after teaching at this camp. Info on pay scale will be provided at that time.



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