Jobs available & Skateboard Camp

One of the many ways you can use your teaching talents is to run a summer camp.  Camps are rewarding both for the fun the kids have and the cash you can earn.  See below for jobs available. To run a camp you will need protective gear (they can bring their own helmets) and skateboards. Borrow some boards from your friends and/or purchase a few (and resell at the end of the week for a small profit). Certified Instructors (members) are provided with a complete package of how to run a camp, including safety issues, schedules, registration suggestions, pricing suggestions, games and a  list.   In Seattle Skateboard I.A. runs a half day camp for a private school. These photos came from the 2011 camp and you can see the hockey game on boards was a big hit. Get certified and get paid to skate.

Check regularly to see if there are more job postings. Networking is a key component of Skateboard Instructors Association.
New Job posting:  I have a request from a location in Maryland for a Skateboard Instructor to offer classes in their skate park for 2018. To be eligible through this posting you must get certified. The cost online is $49.99 and I can give you a coupon so the cost is only $40.  There is a second posting for Seattle/Shoreline, Washington to assist in running a week of skate camp July 2-6th, 2018. Certification required, coupon available. for details.


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