You can already skateboard so why not learn how to teach?  Join us for a certification and you will learn:

  1. How to break down Beginning and Intermediate skills well enough to clearly understand and teach
  2. The Teaching Model–we know you can skate, this certification process is about learning how to teach
  3. How to improve your own skateboarding by learning and understanding the technique behind the skill
  4. How to demonstrate skateboarding and speak in front of others with confidence
  5. How to market yourself to earn additional income

For the Online Certification, you can expect the following:

  • 22 Lectures using video, Powerpoint and video footage to show you the teaching model and how to break down moves. Generally 15 or less per Lecture.
  • There will be short quizzes at the end of each lecture to help you learn the material
  • There will be an online written exam at the end of each lecture to reinforce your learning.
  • You will be videotaping your skills and teaching exam and sending them to your Examiner for review.
  • You will need to pass with 85% or better in both skills and teaching
  • A scorecard is provided at the end of the lecture which shows the 4 points you must need to complete for each skill (based on Body Position, Rotation, Edging, Weight Transference and smooth execution. Also on the scorecard is the Teaching Test with 38+ points to achieve, including safety, breaking down each skill into three parts for statics and dynamics, how to give feedback, how to demonstrate and how to review at the end of each class. These are taught during the lectures.

What is the deal about the insurance?

The Insurance is sold separately from membership and only runs about $100 per year for individuals. Individual insurance is a great idea for those teaching 200 or fewer class/students per year (One student takes 200 classes, etc)  Skate Schools Insurance costs $900 annually and is appropriate for those teaching more than 200 student/classes per year and/or those who have multiple instructors. Half-year insurance is also available for the months of June to December for a slightly cheaper price for those who only teach in the summer. Our ability to offer insurance is exclusive as insurance companies share information and allow only one company to offer it. Our manuals and membership policies are carefully reviewed so that the insurance company is confident that our adherence to safety standards is insurable. You must take our in-person or online certification program and pass with 80% in each category in order to obtain insurance.

If you are not otherwise covered, we strongly advise you to purchase this insurance, whether you’re an individual or a school. Skate IA was formed, in part, to ensure its skate instructors have proper coverage for their professional businesses. The policies we provide are inexpensive and easily obtained. The policies are provided to you at cost.

What Skills do I need for Level 1?

Skills you will need to demonstrate:

Skateboard Moves to teach: Five total

  • Basic Stance and Push both Goofy and Regular
  • Manual
  • Tic Tac
  • Frontside & Backside  turns & pivots
  • Frontside Ollie

Demonstration Moves only: Three total (these are to show your proficiency in skating. Typically skateboarders can perform 7 of the 8 skills.

  • Nollie
  • Kickflip
  • Heel flip