Skateboard Certification Program offers separate certifications in Street & Downhill Longboard. 

Online programs
There is currently one method to obtain your Certification for the basic street cert and that can be done anywhere in the world–Online.  The Online program offers learning through 21 lectures, using videos, powerpoint, text docs and quizzes. Each online lecture is short, 15 minutes or less and has a short quiz at the end to re-inforce your learning and can be done on your phone. Once you have completed the online course you will reach out to SkateboardIA and be given full instructions on taking the skills test (all 8 skills are shown in the videos online). You will video your skills and send them to the Examiner for review.  Once that is complete, you will be given the skills to teach and you create a classroom with at least one other student and you will teach the class, videotaping it on your phone and then send the video for review. Your examiner will review your test and you must pass with 85% or better in all testing. The Teaching portion has 38 points to score, from doing the safety check, to giving feedback, creating fun in the classroom and breaking it down, as taught in the lectures & videos, into three steps while standing and three steps while moving. You are given a copy of the Teaching Exam, in advance, so you are clear about the progression and requirements. We know you can already skate, we teach you how to teach. For details on what there is to learn, click on the site and review the lectures and videos.

The Online program cost is $49.99. You can get a $9.99 coupon by reaching out to us before you sign up!

Liability insurance is available to those who pass certification and costs $100.  This opportunity to obtain insurance is exclusive to Skate IA due to our track record in teaching and maintaining high safety standards in our certification programs. With our insurance company-reviewed manuals and our membership policy about safety, we are able to offer insurance to our members.

For the Online Program, click here  Email trish @ for a coupon.

  • You are required to wear a helmet and gear.
  • Flat ground to slight incline terrain
  • You will need to be able to video tape your skills and teaching
  • You will need to be able to transfer those videos for review (drop box and YouTube are the most common methods).
  • Basic (Street) Cert:  The moves you will need to learn to teach include: Basic stance & push, Turns (frontside backside), Manual, TicTac & Ollie.  You will need to demonstrate proficiency in the following: Nollie, Kick Flip & Heel Flip

We also offer a Longboard Cert in person. Contact us for details:

  • Downhill Longboard Cert:  The  moves you will need to learn to teach include: Basic stance & Basic push & ride,Foot braking, Basic Carve, Powerslide