Skateboard Certification Program offers separate certifications in Street & Downhill Longboard. 

Online & In Person programs
Finally, there are two methods to obtain your Certification for the basic street cert.  One will be In-Person and the second will be Online.  The latter program offers learning through 21 lectures, using videos, powerpoint, text docs and quizzes. Each online lecture is short, 15 minutes or less, while the live classes run 90 minutes. You only need to do the live review sessions if you are new to teaching. Testing will be done via  an online written test,  and video via You Tube or Web conferencing for both the skills test  and final teaching test.  Programs will continuously and all online course materials can be consumed when you are available.  Testing and Google Hangout Lectures will be scheduled and must be attended as needed. We had our first graduate who did very well, check out his profile on the Members page! Congrats to Markus of Skate True Skateboard.

The Online program cost is $125.

Liability insurance is available to those who pass certification and costs $100 which includes $25 for membership in Skateboard IA. This opportunity to obtain insurance is exclusive to Skate IA due to our track record in teaching and maintaining high safety standards in our certification programs. With our insurance company-reviewed manuals and our membership policy about safety, we are able to offer insurance to our members.

For the Online Program, click here  Click here for your coupon. There are only ten coupons available, so grab one when you are ready to get started. You will need to use the coupon within 48 hours or it will expire. Get started now!

The In Person Certification includes::

  • Two full days of learning, practice with teaching and exams.
  • Three exams:  written test, skills test & a teaching exam
  • 32 page manual which includes sections on safety, physiology & anatomy, teaching styles, what makes for great teachers and the final section covering each move you will  teach or demonstrate and how to break them down clearly. (The online version is organized somewhat differently and does not include a written manual but does include a series of lectures.
  • Five candidates are needed in order to set up an In-Person Certification.
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • You are required to wear a helmet and knee pads and sign a waiver.
  • Flat ground to slight incline terrain

Both Certs include:

  • Basic (Street) Cert:  The moves you will need to learn to teach include: Basic stance & push, Turns (frontside backside), Manual, TicTac & Ollie.  You will need to demonstrate proficiency in the following: Nollie, Kick Flip & Heel Flip
  • Downhill Longboard Cert:  The  moves you will need to learn to teach include: Basic stance & Basic push & ride,Foot braking, Basic Carve, Powerslide
  • We know you can skate, but can you teach?