Marcus Neustaedter, our first Certified Online Skateboard Instructor from way back in 2015!  Markus first cert online SB
The following individuals are Certified Skateboard and Longboard Instructors:
     Skateboard (Street) Certified Instructors  (Photos from a skateboard camp)
Washington State:
Blair  Alexander: (Tacoma)
Jeremy Hopwood
206-794-9544  (Seattle)
Owner of Caravan Mobil Skate Shop  See this article about what Jeremy is doing with his goodwill van
Tommy Teav
206-725-1074  (South Seattle)
–Lamar Betts, III –  Los Angeles, CA (owner, The Skateside)
Lamar runs an effectice skateboard school year round with numerous certified instructors and runs many summer camps.
–Bryan Ordonez, Maywood, CA
Ryan Lay, Mesa, AZ, (owner, Skate After School) Ryan runs a large Skateboard School in Arizona and runs afterschool programs and summer camps.
Tim Ward, Mesa, AZ (Skate After School)
Marcus Neustaedter, Tempe, AZ (owner Skate True)
Gary Galbreath, Fairbank, AK
North Carolina:
John Morgan, Wrightville Beach, NC
New Jersey:
-Matt Danza, Point Pleasant, NJ
Longboard Certified Instructors
Washington State:
Rain Daley: phone: sites: & Seattle and Shoreline
Nate Blackburn Email: Cell: Seattle and Shoreline Motion Board Shop