Welcome to Skateboard Instructors Association

Skateboard Instructors Association is a Certification Program for talented Skateboarders which teaches you how to teach skateboarding.  It’s a great way to earn extra money doing something you love. The Certification can be taken in person (in Seattle) or online.  Certified Skateboard Instructors will be eligible for annual liability insurance.

The online course is available now and includes 21 lectures via video, power point, text access, live sessions and quizzes. Three Skype/Google Hangouts meeting will also be included in the program if you find you need help with your teaching. Final testing is done via web conferencing or you can simply make a video of your final exam (teaching a skill with full introduction and a video of your 8 skills. Total time is between 10 and 16 hours. We know you can skate so the program is about teaching you how to teach.  Tests include a written one (online), skills & a teaching portion with 85% or better required in each section for a passing grade.  The online course is $50. The course is accessed here: Udemy Learn to Skateboard. If this link doesn’t work, then head to http://www.Udemy.com and search for Learn to Teach Skateboarding. If you want a coupon for $10 off (final cost is $40) by contacting us via this website. The course is ongoing (2017) and an excellent way to learn.

In-person programs, currently held only in Seattle runs 2 days, about 15 hours total and  costs $250.  Both online and in person programs include learning how to teach, with a beginning, middle and end of each lesson.  We also show you how to break down any move into small parts and clearly convey it to the students.  With the in-person program, the second day includes a skills exam, a written exam (40 questions based on the 32 page manual) and finally a teaching test where the candidate will need to teach several students how to perform a particular move.

If you want to learn to be a skateboard instructor, this is the program for you.

Skateboard IA also offers Certified Skateboard Instructors Liability Insurance and marketing help.  You will have to work to earn this certification, it’s serious so only the serious need show up. Passing is not guaranteed but we will give you the tools to pass.

Why a Certification Program?

  • The skateboarders out there who are good, even great skaters don’t necessarily know how to teach
  • The numbers of skateboarders are down, so offering instruction is a viable way to build the community
  • Today the culture is that parents let their children learn a skill if lessons are provided.  Parents want to make sure the instructors are qualified, this program insures a high level of  professionalism
  • Becoming a Certified Instructor is a great way to incorporate appropriate safety into the lesson while still insuring freedom to push the limits
  • These certifications are run on a mostly flat surface–not on ramps.  The course is designed to help talented skates teach the basics to new skaters.  The key to developing skaters is to insure solid fundamentals.
  • Because you can make serious pocket change. Average group classes should bring in $20 per student or $45-$60 per hour (average, your area may vary)
  • Because new skateboarders ask you for help all the time you will find it much easier to share your knowledge when you know the basic Teaching Model & how to break any move down into three steps.

We know you can skate, but can you teach?

Please see our jobs available page where we post a wide variety of opportunities for skate instructors (and sometimes, non-instructors). Just trying to network the community and employ skateboarders.